Number Tournament is an initiative of Math Is Cool, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The participation fee we charge is far from enough to cover the cost of running the event. If you or your organization would like to sponsor us in anyway please email us at or call us at 626.8O6.848l. We will be happy to display your name/logo/link on our website and flyer, and your banner at the (virtual) event. Ways to sponsor include, but not limited to monetary donation, t-shirt printing, goodie bag stuffers, or gifts for raffle drawing. You can send donations using the QR code below.



Special thanks to the current sponsors of this year's Number Tournament:

Meadows Math Olympiad
Lennor M. B.

Desak A.

Rie F.

Ping G.

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Alice K.

Christine L.

Silvia C.

Wilmer S.



Special thanks to the following sponsors of the 2019 Number Tournament:

Sunmerry Logo- Sponsorship TC.png
lajaja logo en.jpg
cool math.JPG

Dr. K M Lau, Mrs. E. Tefft, L.W. Connoy, Mrs. PL Choy, Nancy Chen

Organizer (non-profit):

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