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2022 Number Tournament HAS Successfully Concluded!


On November 12th, 2022, a total of 117 matheletes in grades 3 through 8 gathered at Live Oak Park Recreation Center in Temple City, CA and participated in our fifth Number Tournament event. The event lasted from 9 am through 12:30 pm and consisted of a total of 29 teams competing in 3 fun-filled math games: "24", "Hit The Target", and "Smash!".  

The executive committee would like to take this opportunity to again give special thanks and appreciation to all our sponsors for all the donated items including our goodies bags, snacks, drinks, and raffle prizes:

Corporate Sponsors:

Cool Math LA                                 Elite Prep Arcadia                           Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)

Costco                                             In-n-out                                            Yogurtland

Math Kangaroo

Individual Sponsors:

Lyla R.                                               Gillian C.       


Lastly, the event could not have progressed smoothly without the support of a team of 30+ students from Arcadia High School, Blair High School, CAMS, Marshall Fundamental, and South Pasadena High School volunteering as officials and score-keepers along with all the devoted parents who attended the event.

Good job everyone!

Congratulations to Individual Winners!

[3rd Grade]
1st Place: Meera P. (Country Springs Elementary) [122]
2nd Place: Dylan Z. (Silver Spur Elementary) [90]
3rd Place: Sydney C. (Northrup Elementary) [89]

[4th Grade]
1st Place: Rohan P. (Pacific Elementary School) [268]
2nd Place: Kyle S. (Longley Way Elementary) [263]

                    Lily F. (Pennekamp Elementary) [263]
3rd Place: Dylan C. (Longley Way Elementary) [253]

[5th Grade]
1st Place: Remi K. (Hickory Elementary School) [677]
2nd Place: Cameron K. (Hickory Elementary School) [655]
3rd Place: Alina S. (Hickory Elementary School) [564]

[6th Grade]
1st Place: Elise S. (Dodson Middle School) [1084]
2nd Place: Lawrence C. (South Pointe Middle School) [786]
3rd Place: Calvin S. (Madrona Middle School) [566]

[7th Grade]
1st Place: Isabella G. (Dodson Middle School) [943]
2nd Place: Jhiliane I. (Dodson Middle School) [821]
3rd Place: Jordin L. (Dodson Middle School) [750]

[8th Grade]
1st Place: Dean S. (Madrona Middle School) [839]
2nd Place: Annie K. (Canyon Hill Junior High) [535]
3rd Place: Alice Y. (Chaparral Middle School) [472]

Congratulations to Team Winners!

[3rd Grade]
1st Place: Math πrates (Meera P., Dylan Z., Sydney C., Kaira G.; Country Springs Elementary, Silver Spur Elementary, Northrup Elementary) [459]

[4th Grade]
1st Place: Mathamaniacs (Hayden W., Millison L., Dylan C., Kyle S.; Precious Blood School) [1371]
2nd Place: 4 Pennekamp Dragons (Asher F, Lily F, Samantha L, Michael S; Pennekamp Elementary) [99]
3rd Place: The Rivera Roadrunners (Evan H., Alice C., Wenyi Y., Oliver M.; Riviera Elementary School) [987]

[5th Grade]
1st Place: Team Hickory (Alina S, Cameron K, Remi K, Avish B; Hickory Elementary School) [2556]
2nd Place: GV Gators (Charlotte F., Kira L., Wyatt N., Sachary G.; Grand View) [1199]
3rd Place: The G Team (Tyler F, Devan P, Stavros S, Bryson L; Maple Hill Elementary
, Silver Spur ElementaryTemple City Emperor Elementary,Holly Avenue Elementary School) [1177]

[6th Grade]
1st Place: Team Madrona (Calvin S, Ryan Q, Carys E, Jonah A; Madrona Middle School) [2194]
2nd Place: Dodson Middle School 6th Grade B (Elise S, Kayla W, Meryem B, Joshua P; Dodson Middle School) [1997]
3rd Place: The Ratios (Lawrence C, Brody N, Lucas Q, Colin C; South Pointe Middle School, Repetto Elementary, Monterey Highlands Elementary, Martha Baldwin Elementary) [1889]

[7th Grade]
1st Place: Dodson Middle School 7th Grade A Isabella G, Noreen A, Irene K, Jhiliane I; Dodson Middle School) [3206]
2nd Place: Algebros (Ayaan A, Avi K, Kellen L, Connor H; Adams Middle School, Manhattan Beach Middle School) [2128]

3rd Place: Space Dolphins (Mikayla D, Jordin L, Sophie V, Noah F; Dodson Middle School) [1790]

[8th Grade]
1st Place: Eighth B (Ethan H, Derrick K, Dean S, Alice Y; Dana Middle School, Jefferson Middle School, Madrona Middle School, Chaparral Middle School) [2370]
2nd Place: Math Squad (Annie K, Arielle C, Hannah L, Nancy L; Canyon Hill Junior High) [1780]
3rd Place: MBMS Math (Ethan K, Sam C, Alexander S, Hao L; Manhattan Beach Middle School) [1350]

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