• This year, Number Tournament will be hosted online via Zoom. Participants must both unmute themselves and enable their cameras before the competition begins. 

  • Participants must format their screen name to their ID (they will receive this via email), first name and their last initial (eg: 6205 Dan M) and will be assigned to breakout groups.

  • Participants are encouraged to print an answer sheet template or make one like it prior to the competition. 

  • Participants' cameras must be on at all times, and must show their workspace.

  • Participants may only use a dark pen (or thick marker), and blank pieces of paper (for scratchwork) during the test, along with their answer sheet. Other aids are prohibited. 

  • Once time is up, they cannot modify their answers. Participants will be graded by having them hold their answer sheet to their camera at the end of the allotted time. Once all answers have been recorded by screenshotting, participants will be allowed to put their answer sheets down.  

  • Participants must scan and submit their answers via a google classroom link they will receive by email. This will allow for a higher resolution image, and will be checked against the corresponding screenshots to ensure that there are no changes.

  • If a participant leaves the meeting for any reason, they must reconnect immediately or their score may be rejected at the judges' discretion. If a participant's score is rejected, he or she may continue taking the test, but may not place for awards.