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Number Tournament 2020




Congratulations to our 2020 Number Tournament participants! Although the current pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges, a completely virtual event was hosted with over 100 participants living across the country, from California to Illinois and New York! We are extremely impressed by the knowledge and creativity of these 3rd to 8th grade students.

In light of the pandemic, the 2020 Number Tournament held on November 1 was free in consideration of those with financial struggles. A huge thanks to all the participants as well as the young volunteers who helped from their homes in California, Texas, and Georgia!

A huge thank you to all the parents for supporting their children and to the students who were willing to challenge themselves during these unique times--we know that the virtual tournament could not have taken place without all the motivated, hardworking parents and students. With about 140 participants around the country, from Southern and Northern California to Illinois and New York, we hope that all students will be proud of their hard work regardless of their final scores!

Winners List 


3rd Grade:

1st Place - Alina S. (46 points) - Hickory Elementary School

2nd Place - Viviana C. (30 points) - Maple Hill Elementary

3rd Place - Evan L. (26 points) - Opal Robinson Elementary School

Honorable Mention:

Bryson L. - Grand View Elementary

4th Grade:

1st Place - Elise S. (135 points) - Hickory Elementary 

2nd Place - Broderick N. (64 points) - Repetto Elementary School

3rd Place - Brandon T. (61 points) - Hugo Reid Elementary School

Honorable Mention:

Lauren C. - Dapplegray Elementary School

Phillippe M. - Precious Blood School

Hannah H. - Eagle Canyon Elementary School

5th Grade:

1st Place - Evan L. (106 points) - Precious Blood School

2nd Place -  Petey B. (91 points) - Sellers Elementary school

3rd Place - Ayaan A. (63 points) - Pennekamp Elementary School

Honorable Mention:

Nina B. - Precious Blood School

Riya D. - Juliet Morris Elementary 

Alicia F. - Opal Robinson Elementary School

6th Grade:

1st Place - Dean S. (92 points) - Madrona Middle School

2nd Place - Ashvik N. (77 points) - Turtlerock Elementary School

3rd Place - Ethan H. (73 points) - Dana Middle School

Honorable Mention:

Erene A. - Dodson Middle School

Audrey C. - Ridgecrest Intermediate School

Annie K. - Eagle Canyon Elementary


7th Grade:

1st Place - Gavin S. (137 points) - Dodson Middle School

2nd Place - Yuha L. (134 points) - Dodson Middle School

3rd Place - San K. (115 points) - Dodson Middle School

Honorable Mention:
Audrey T. - Manhattan Beach Middle School

8th Grade:

1st Place - Irene K. (121 points) - Dodson Middle School

2nd Place - Jonathan L. (98 points) - Dodson Middle School

3rd Place - David N. (94 points) - Dodson Middle School

Honorable Mention:

Angel Y. - Chaparral Middle School

The numbers generated for the tournament can be found here:

And the event pictures can be found here:

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