Number Tournament is an initiative of Math Is Cool , a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The goal of the latter is to promote the love of learning math and to provide resources in math education.

The Executive Committee of the Number Tournament consists of a group of passionate high school mathletes who have studied math intensively together, participated in countless fierce competitions together and now have strong desires to share their joy in math with the younger math learners.


meet the

Executive Committee

Alicia Ying is a senior at Arcadia High School.  She loves math because there are many different ways to get to one correct answer.  In addition, math not only can be applied to other subjects such as chemistry and physics but also to our everyday life, like money or time. While she enjoys doing math at school, Alicia likes teaching her friends who are struggling in math and helping boost their grade.  She hopes to expand education to all in the future. In her free time, Alicia enjoys playing the tuba in the Arcadia Apache Marching Band and using her sewing machine.


Jaime is a junior who attends Arcadia High School and has always had a passion for math. She has been a member of Math Olympiad in middle school competing with different schools and now tutors other students at the high school for the Peer Tutoring Program. She also taught for Math Circle at Camino Grove in her sophomore year. In her junior year she will be teaching at Longley Way. She enjoys helping others who are struggling learn math and see how useful math can be, not just in school, but in daily life.


Josiah Kiok is a member of the Davidson Young Scholars Program,  and John Hopkins CTY. He has been passionate about math even from a young age, and is currently home schooled. He enjoys problem solving in general, and is always enthusiastic about not only math in particular, but also the sciences and technology.  Among the many math competitions he took include the AMC series, MathCounts, ARML, and a few other local competitions.  Despite liking math, he strongly prefers hanging out with friends. He is excited to help out in this competition, even though he currently resides in another state.


Ever since elementary school, Mark has been expanding his knowledge in mathematics and partaking in countless math competitions. AMC, Math Kangaroo, MathCounts and Purple Comet are just some of the competitions he has participated in. Mark always notices the beauty of math in his studies and surroundings. He feels compelled to share that excitement with others! His coaching experiences include math circle, math summer camp and after school math enrichment classes. Mark hopes to pursue in computer science. His math problem solving skills serves him well in this cause. Currently, he is an active participant of UCLA math circle.


Merrick is a junior at Arcadia High School, and has been an avid participant in math competition since middle school. He has competed in competitions like the AMC 8, 10, and 12, helped his team to a tie for first place in the Purple Comet competition, and he was a qualifier for the AIME in both the 8th and 9th grades. He hopes to qualify for the USAMO and maybe even the IMO one day, and he hopes to spread his love and enthusiasm for math with other kids. Merrick is a member of a math circle as well as a member of his school's math team, and he was an assistant teacher in Ms. Wong's math classes. He hopes this event can inspire the same love for math in others that competitions did for him.

The advisor


Ms Wong has been teaching math problem solving  and training math competition teams since 2007. She met these brilliant students in her classroom many years ago and has witnessed how math has transformed them into stronger problem solvers and math lovers. Ms Wong has administered many international and national math competitions at schools and in the community. She holds a master degree in math education and teaching credential. Currently Ms Wong spends most of her time on promoting math learning for Math Is Cool and teaching problem solving classes in South Bay and  San Gabriel Valley.

Organizer (non-profit):



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