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The goal of Number Tournament is to boost number fluency through fun games. We believe strong number sense leads to higher math achievement and more advanced problem solving skills!

What is Number Tournament?

The 2022 Number Tournament consisted of 3 individual games. Participants used real time generated numbers to make a given result within a designated time, see Games page for details. 

This year, Number Tournament will be hosted back in person at Live Oak Park Community Center 10144 Bogue Street Temple City, CA 91780. For further information, visit the Rules page below.


This year, participation in Number Tournament will be entirely free, as we want to accommodate everyone impacted by the pandemic. However, Number Tournament still requires funds for the event and participant rewards. If you wish to donate cash, gift cards, or educational products to Number Tournament, please contact Sponsors will be added to the list of sponsors for the current year on the corresponding page.

You can also send donations using the QR code below.