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Number Tournament 2023 Results

2023 Number Tournament HAS Successfully Concluded!


On November 12th, 2023, a total of 124 matheletes in grades 3 through 8 gathered at Live Oak Park Recreation Center in Temple City, CA and participated in our 6th Number Tournament event. The event lasted from 9 am through 12:30 pm and consisted of a total of 31 teams competing in 4 fun-filled math games: "24", "Hit The Target", "Smash!", and our new group game "DMAS". 

The executive committee would like to give special thanks and appreciation to all our sponsors for all the donated items including our goodies bags, snacks, drinks, and raffle prizes:

Corporate Sponsors:

Cool Math LA                                 Elite Prep Arcadia                           Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)

Costco                                             In-n-out                                            Yogurtland

Math Kangaroo                              Alberston                                         Sam's Club



Lastly, the event could not have progressed smoothly without the support of a team of 30+ student volunteers from Arcadia High School, CAMS, Marshall Fundamental, and Temple City High School volunteering as officials and score-keepers along with all the devoted parents and chaperones who attended the event. 

Great job everyone!

Congratulations to Individual Winners!

[3rd Grade]
1st Place: Albert B.
(Emperor Elementary School)
2nd Place: Arik A. (Pennekamp Elementary)
3rd Place: Ethan H. (Pennekamp Elementary)

[4th Grade]    
1st Place: Reimi T.
(Riviera Elementary School)
2nd Place: Aaron H. (Riviera Elementary School)
3rd Place: Anderson T. (Pennekamp Elementary)

[5th Grade]
1st Place: Wenyi Y.
(Riviera Elementary School)
2nd Place: Joshua K. (Arlington Elementary)
3rd Place: Evan H. (Riviera Elementary School)

[6th Grade]
1st Place: Emi T.
(Richardson Middle School)
2nd Place: Lucy H. (Dodson Middle School)
3rd Place: Viviana C. (Chaparral Middle School)

[7th Grade]
1st Place: Elise S.
(Dodson Middle School)
2nd Place: Lawrence C. (Martha Baldwin Elementary School)
3rd Place: Liam G. (Dodson Middle School)

[8th Grade]
1st Place: Jhiliane I.
(Dodson Middle School)
2nd Place: Jordin L. (Dodson Middle School)
3rd Place: Mariella R. (
Dodson Middle School)

Congratulations to Team Winners!

[3rd Grade]
1st Place: 4 Factorial 
(Noah F., Judah F., Nicole Z., Arik A.; Pennekamp Elementary)

2nd Place: Multibros (Anderson H., Matt D., Kenjiro L., Ethan H.; Pennekamp Elementary)

[4th Grade]
1st Place: 4C (
Albert B., Mia W., Reimi T., Aaron H.; Emperor Elementary School, Holly Avenue Elementary School, Riviera Elementary School)
2nd Place: May the 4th Be With You (Anderson T., Ayush K., Eric G., Preston C.; Pennekamp Elementary)
3rd Place: Challengers (Meera P., Dylan Z., Sydney C., Hridaya R.; Country Springs Elementary, Silver Spur Elementary School, Walnut Elementary, Ronald Reagan Elementary)

[5th Grade]
1st Place: Riviera 5 (
Evan H., Wenyi Y., Matthew B., Ryan H.; Riviera Elementary School)
2nd Place: Pennekamp deDominators (Lillian F., Michael S., Samantha L., Asher F.; Pennekamp Elementary)
3rd Place: Mathamaniacs (Hayden W., Dylan C., Kyle S., Millison L.; Longley Way Elementary)

[6th Grade]
1st Place: The Math Marvels (
Mindi Z., Luke H., Viviana C., Angelina Fu; Silver Spur Elementary School, Bert Lynn Middle School, Chaparral Middle School, Emperor Elementary School)
2nd Place: Dodson Middle School 6th Grade (Colin Y., Yuma S., Lucy H., Amelia E.; Dodson Middle School)
3rd Place: Feed me pi (Casper W., Lucas J., Joey L., Angela X.; Chaparral Middle School)

[7th Grade]
1st Place: Dodson Middle School 7th Grade (
Elise S., Thomas G., Liam G., Joshua P.; Dodson Middle School)
2nd Place: 7C (Emi T., Sophie B., Marvin W., Summar S.; Richardson Middle School, First Avenue Middle School, Foothills Middle School)

3rd Place: The Divisibility Ding-Ding-Ditchers (Colin C., Lawrence C., Lucas Q., Brody N.; Martha Baldwin Elementary School, South Pointe Middle School, Monterey Highlands Elementary School)

[8th Grade]
1st Place: Dodson Middle School 8th Grade (
Isabella G., Jordin L., Mariella R., Jhiliane I.; Dodson Middle School)
2nd Place: Algebros (Ayaan A., Avi K., Kellen L., Connor H.; Manhattan Beach Middle School)
3rd Place: Noble Numbers (Aman P., Yuvanah V., Chenhao (Howard) Y., Petey B.; Manhattan Beach Middle School, Rosemont Middle School, Oak Avenue Intermediate School, Goddard Middle School)

Images of top individual winners answer sheets.

Words from Professor Po-Shen Loh

"This is a wonderful spin on a math team: students working together to create a math event for the younger generation. Whenever this happens, the tournament is run with a caring heart, because the organizing students still remember what it is like to be just a few years younger. If you're a participant, take this competition as a challenge to surprise yourself by stretching to solve more than you thought you could. Competitions (whether in math or otherwise) are great opportunities to press yourself to the limit, and then discover that you have accidentally surpassed what you thought was your limit!"          - Prof. Po-Shen Loh    

Prof. Po-Shen Loh is a renowned math professor at Carnegie Mellon University and the national coach for the U.S. Math Olympiad team who led the team to win world's championships several times recently. The Number Tournament committee and past participants of the tournament had this amazing opportunity to meet him! 


Special thanks to the current sponsors of this year's Number Tournament:

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Hosted by Math is Cool



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What is Number Tournament?

The Number Tournament is a math competition hosted by motivated high school matheletes catered towards students in 3rd to 8th grade. Participants used real time generated numbers to make a given result within a designated time, see Games page for details. 

This year, Number Tournament 2023 will consist of two individial games and two team games. It will be hosted in person at Live Oak Park Community Center 10144 Bogue Street Temple City, CA 91780. For further information, please refer to our flyer or contact us at


The goal of Number Tournament is to boost number fluency through fun games. We believe strong number sense leads to higher math achievement and more advanced problem solving skills!


We are actively seeking sponsors who can contribute cash, gift cards, or educational items to assist us in offsetting the expenses of the event and acknowledging the participants. In appreciation of their support, sponsors will be prominently featured on our website. Feel free to reach out to us at for more information or use the following QR code to send monetary donation. Thank you!

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