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Number Tournament 2021 Results

Congratulations to all the winners of Number Tournament!  

3rd-4th Grades:

1st Place - Cameron K. (108 points) - Hickory Elementary

2nd Place - Alina S. (107 points) - Hickory Elementary

3rd Place - Viviana C. (79 points) - Maple Hill Elementary

1st Place Team - The Cool Team (411 points) - Maple Hill Elementary, Holy Ave Elementary, Emperor Elementary, Silver Spur Elementary

Viviana C., Kaitlyn L., Angelina F., Mindi Z.

2nd Place Team - 4th Grade Riptides (348 points) - Robinson Elementary

Evan L., Greyson N., Rylan K., Payton M.

3rd Place Team - Meadows 4th Grade Girls (339 points) - Hickory Elementary

Mikayla D., Alina S., Cameron K.

Honorable Mentions:

Pacific Panthers (256 points)
Jonathan H., Neil K., Beckett P., Zayaan M.

Room 9 (236 points) 

Naomi A., Kayla H., Alicia Z.

5th-6th Grades:

1st Place - Elise S. (126 points) - Hickory Elementary

2nd Place - Isabella G. (118 points) - Dodson Middle School

3rd Place - Ayaan A. (116 points) - Manhattan Beach Middle School

1st Place Team - Hounds (530 points)​ - Hickory Elementary, Fern Elementary

Elise S., Calvin S., Jenny L., Ryan Q.

2nd Place Team - Cool Panthers (398 points) - Portola Highly Gifted Middle School, Goddard Middle School, Chandler School, Franky C Whiteley School

Pranav B., Petey B., Yueri L., Ethan L.

3rd Place Team - The Calculators (386 points) - Manhattan Beach Middle School

Avi K., Aman P., Ethan S., Kyle L.

Honorable Mentions:

Number2Fun (410 points)
Hannah H., Lauren C., Xinran Y., Jessie L.

Dodson Middle School B (384 points) 

Isabella G., Irene K., Ashley K., Sophie V.

7th-8th Grades:

1st Place - San Ko. (146 points) - Dodson Middle School 

2nd Place - Gavin S. (145 points) - Dodson Middle School 

3rd Place - Yuha L. (143 points) - Dodson Middle School 

1st Place Team - Dodson Middle School (783 points) 

Gavin S., Erinne P., San K., Yuha L.

2nd Place Team - Mathmagicians (458 points) - Dana Middle School, Madrona Middle School, First Ave Middle School, Manhattan Beach Middle School

Ethan H., Dean S., Jacob L., Kellen L.

3rd Place Team - Math Cultivators (399 points) - Ridgecrest Intermediate School, Jefferson Middle School, Foothills Middle School

Henry H., Audrey C., Derrick K., Paxton L.

Honorable Mentions:

Cool Math Top1 (385 points)
Hanyu Z., Helena H., Annie K., Alice Y.

Room 21 (330 points) 

Iris Y., Zhiyuan Z., Jash D.

Number Tournament 2021

The competition has ended!​


The goal of Number Tournament is to boost number fluency through fun games. We believe strong number sense leads to higher math achievement and more advanced problem solving skills!

What is Number Tournament?

The 2020 Number Tournament consisted of 2 individual games. Participants used real time generated numbers to make a given result within a designated time, see Games page for details. The 2021 Number Tournament games will be slightly modified from the original year, so be prepared for changes!

This year, Number Tournament will be hosted using Zoom. Participants will be required to have a Zoom account and enter the meeting early on the day of the competition. For further information, visit the Rules page below.

For updates about future events, check out the facebook link here:


This year, participation in Number Tournament will be entirely free, as we want to accommodate everyone impacted by the pandemic. However, Number Tournament still requires funds for the event and participant rewards. If you wish to donate cash, gift cards, or educational products to Number Tournament, please contact 626-8O6-848I. Sponsors will be added to the list of sponsors for the current year on the corresponding page.

You can also send donations using the QR code below.