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Check out our video from the 2019 Number Tournament!

2019 Number Tournament Successfully Concluded!


On October 27, 2019, a total of 144 matheletes between grades 3 through 8 gathered at Live Oak Park Recreation Center in Temple City, CA and participated in our second Number Tournament event.  The event lasted from 9 am through 12:30 pm and consisted of a total of 36 teams competing in 3 fun-filled math games: "Hit The Target", "24", and finally "Smash!".  
The tournament results are now available here.

The executive committee would like to take this opportunity to again give special thanks and appreciation to all our sponsors for all the donated items including our goodies bags, snacks, drinks, and food:

Corporate Sponsors:

Cool Math LA                          la JaJa Kids                             Sunmerry Bakery           

Wellness by Winy                    ThinkFun                                 Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)

Individual Sponsors:

Dr. K M Lau                           Mrs. E. Tefft                                L.W. Connoy        

Mrs. PL Choy                        Nancy Chen


Lastly, the event could not have progressed smoothly without the support of a team of 40+ students from Arcadia High School, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, Arroyo High School, and Immaculate Heart School volunteering as officials and score-keepers along with all the devoted parents who attended the event.

Good job everyone!


Congratulations to Individual Winners!

[3rd Grade]
1st Place: Elise S. (Hickory Elementary) [298]
2nd Place: Juno L. (Hickory Elementary) [165]
3rd Place: Calvin S. (Hickory Elementary) [161]

[4th Grade]
1st Place: Nina Mikaella B. (Precious Blood School) [351]
2nd Place: Natalie G. (Precious Blood School) [282]
3rd Place: Evan L. (Precious Blood School) [267]

[5th Grade]
1st Place: Alice Y. (Maple Hill) [310]
2nd Place: Sam C. (Grand View Elementary School) [238]
3rd Place: Ethan H. (Longley Way) [198]

[6th Grade]
1st Place: Gavin S. (Dodson Middle School) [420]
2nd Place: Yuha L. (Dodson Middle School) [376]
3rd Place: San K. (Dodson Middle School) [278]

[7th Grade]
1st Place: Angel Y. (Chaparral Middle School) [267]
2nd Place: Eric T. (Dodson Middle School) [266]
3rd Place: Oriana C. (Adams Middle School) [262]

[8th Grade]
1st Place: Connor C. (Dodson Middle School) [280]
2nd Place: Oscar E. (Santa Fe Middle School) [269]
3rd Place: Jose D. (Santa Fe Middle School) [182]

Congratulations to Team Winners!

[3rd Grade]
1st Place: Hounds (Elise S., Carys E., Calvin S., Juno L.; Hickory Elementary) [943]
2nd Place: MathCraft (Felix F., Jerry W., Timonthy W., Lawrence C.; High Point Academy, Clairbourn School, Hugo Reid Elementary, Marguerita Elementary) [382]
3rd Place: Math Wizards (Lauren C., Derrick X., Hannah H., Zimeng H.; Dapplegray Elementary School, Soleado Elementary School, Silver Spur Elementary School, Anza Elementary School) [367]

[4th Grade]
1st Place: PBS 4.1 (Nina Mikaella B., Evan L., Cristof F., Natalie G.; Precious Blood School) [1371]
2nd Place: Math Power House (Yueri L., Yuvanah V., Emily Z., Wenbo W.; Holly Ave Elementary School, Glendale Unified, Cloverly Elementary School, Monterey Vista School) [894]
3rd Place: PBS 4.2 (Calvin B., Vincy Nicole V., Xandi R., Aaden B.; Precious Blood School) [876]

[5th Grade]
1st Place: Math Squad (Annie K., Nancy L., Enya D., Arielle C.; Eagle Canyon Elementary) [874]
2nd Place: Individual 5th (Chloe P., Eric T., Sam C., Ethan H.; Camino Grove Elementary School, Grand View Elementary School, Longley Way Elementary School) [828]
3rd Place: Pennekamp 5th Grade Team 2 (Charlotte F., Kira L., Wyatt N., Sachary G.; Pennekamp Elementary School) [722]

[6th Grade]
1st Place: Dodson Middle School Team 6 (Yuha L., Gavin S., San K., Aydan L.; Dodson Middle School) [1774]
2nd Place: Manhattan Beach Middle School 6th Grade (Isabel L., Audrey T., Amelia Z., Eda L.; Manhattan Beach Middle School) [1070]
3rd Place: High 6 (Mira C., Ellie E., Jacob L., Devon T.; Santa Fe Middle School, All Souls, Clifton) [943]

[7th Grade]
1st Place: Dodson Middle School Team 7 (Eric T., David N., Irene K., Jonathan L.; Dodson Middle School) [1053]
2nd Place: Math FUN (Oriana C., Shawn L., Ryan L., Alissa P.; Adams Middle School, Miraleste Intermediate School, Bert Lynn) [970]

[8th Grade]
1st Place: Mathangels (Angel Y., Helena H., Jason C., Yueran L.; Chaparral Middle School, Marshall Fundamental School, Dana Middle School, Chandler School) [1038]
2nd Place: Star Force (Oscar E., John O., Jose D., Danny M.; Santa Fe Middle School) [1036]
3rd Place: Dodson Middle School Team 8 (Diego R., Matthew L., Dylan B., Connor C.;Dodson Middle School) [1000]


Below are feedback from past participants and parents of Number Tournament.


"Fun and inclusive. Kids liked the games. Good time to have a friendly competition (there are lots of other tournaments in spring, but none in fall). The website was very helpful."

"The proctors were great, the games were a lot of fun, the order of games was perfect, the kids had an absolute blast!"

"I liked how it was competitive but friendly at the same time. And the raffle definitely made the experience more exciting and enjoyable."

"I think that it was really well organized. All the games were a pleasure to play."

"I liked how everyone had great sportsmanship and no trouble was caused."

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